Mission Partners

Macleay Presbyterian Churches, in the expression of one our core values, namely Mission, partner with several other families in order to fulfil our mission to “Go” and make disciples of Jesus, especially in areas beyond our church’s reach.

These are:

  1. The Jeyachandrans working among university students in Peru
  2. The Watts working among university students in Port Macquarie

The Jeyachandrans


David and Christine have served in Peru from 2011 working with University Students, discipling and empowering them to reach their campus for Jesus. They have twins daughters Annabelle and Amelia, and a son Samuel.

Every week during University semester more than 50 students study the Bible across several small groups. Many of these students are from a non­church background and others are from a Catholic belief which is mixed in with the ancient Incan practices. The Jeyachandrans’ role is to disciple these students and see them connected with a Bible-teaching church.

The Watts


Steve and Lauren have one son, John and one daughter, Beatrix. Steve leads the Port Mac Christian Students (also knowsn as AFES Port Macquarie) group that exists to help Christian students stay Christian and to give every student who comes to uni in Port Macquarie a chance to know Jesus. At present this happens through on campus Bible studies, cross-campus training seminars, and through relational evangelism.

They are afflilated with AFES that is a multi-denominational movement that seeks to proclaim Jesus Christ at university to present everyone mature in him. Their mission is to:
EVANGELISE students by proclaiming Jesus as Lord.
ENCOURAGE growth towards Christian maturity.
TRAIN students in skills and character to serve Jesus and His people.
SEND graduates through Australia and the world to serve Christ.

You can find out more about their ministry here on Facebook.

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